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6:30am: My phone starts to ring 'The House Jack built' and my fingers fight the urge to tap on snooze. The one small change I see over the last few days is that I wake up on the first ring like a Masai  Warrior who rushes to hunt . I dash towards the simple electric kitchen to make my strong , sugarless black coffee. 

With the mug filled with steaming hot , low grade black coffee , my hands reach out to turn on the box where one can find people yelling at the top of their voices . Strangely, having been without Television for nearly 18 years, I find it hard to believe that I am now unbothered by the chaos . On every News channel there is only DEATH and no HOPE for humanity . And then i think about my profession... *Static Noise* Power Off.

The Corona Virus pandemic has changed life as we have known it , some predictable, others not. While the ones with a funny bone feed me with memes, my Whatsapp blinks with series of baseless, unverified, racist facts and hate facts . My phone , crying to clear storage space every single day . This world of Forwards spares no one . *Aeroplane Mode on*

I smile at the humour as its my only sign of positivity despite the loss of business and personal self. I try desperately to keep myself active and sane while tragedy is at its worst . This confusing, chaotic struggle between joy and pain ! 

It is alright that all of us are clueless at the moment about the future . But it is time for us to stay strong and survive physically. 

The Medical society of India is struggling to acquire protective gears and masks while they are relentlessly serving us as we contemplate about the rest . Gratitude is the least of the word that fills my heart towards them . Times of India’s #maskindia is a small way we can show our support to the front line workers . 

I don't have a mask and I didn’t think of one until i heard the voice of the 2 little ruffians next to me . One has always been my travel companion while the other helps clean up my desk :) It’s time for my good , old dirty Balaclava to turn into a mask that will save my life . Who would have thought ! 

When MASK becomes an daily necessity for survival , go innovative when you don't have one. You too can be a super hero . Let’s fight this together ! 

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