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Prahlada - Arvind & Niki's

Words cannot express the joy of a new life, and when it’s the first born in the house, everything about the little bundle of joy is precious. I have been with camera since 95 and to me it's not about what i shoot as long as there is light and shadows there is always a story.

Arvind the kid's Dad and myself have been in touch with one another on Instagram, We talk about mythology & history to an extent that developed a deep bond between us and during such an instance he asked if i could shoot portraits of his kid. I got excited and we started to plan well before the delivery date, I asked what is the name they were planning to keep. He said 'Prahlada', I have heard this name somewhere but couldn't recollect. I started to google and found the mythology behind the name and it startled me as the name relates to the child of a Demon king. After our discussion i found we both had a thought of keeping 'Ravana' to our respective kids, But guess our partners n parents would chuck us out of our home.

The discussion on the name triggered Arvind to pen down the family history and send it immidiately.

Beyond all these discussion my mind drifted to the dialogue 'Life always finds a Way' , A Womb is a powerful organ that brings out a life from a seed. Focusing on achieve freedom from the repeating cycle of birth-life-death. Its not just an ordinary event, look at the expressions and transformation around you, there is lot of miniature energies combining to create. This world has seen Rama, Ravana, Gandhi, Idi Amin and many more such powerful n characters. No matter what history wrote about them, But it's all that one single egg and a tail which holds the same force and the outcome is all the same innocence.

By the end of the day the images of Prahlad bloomed the orginal destiny of the name.

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