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As a photographer I am interested in searching for the varied commonalities in the human spirit, to expose those intimate moments among people that reminds us of life's diversity.

Am Vikram aka Viki, born in the winter of 83 and grew up in the French colony (Pondicherry). Growing up around the little historical town has made me in love with history and art, Of-course beer as well. A wise man one's said a person should know his or the cities history which he grew-up so that he appreciates everything around him. Those histories triggered the wanderlust in me and photography was the way I have been expressing the emotions since 97. Having been in the wedding industry since 2014 and having shot 100+ wedding the thirst to shoot has not bored me like my earlier desk job. Beyond this am a true backpacker and responsible travel addict with an unabashed thirst for adrenaline activities. This antipasto made me humble to see the details in light and shadows to create meaningful artistic images.

At Wanderman Studio, What we create is a story. A tale which you could carry.

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